Heat Recovery


4 Seasons Solutions supply & design a whole house Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system (MVHR) from concept to commissioning. We're Fully qualified BPEC installers of MVHR, and Heat Recovery systems.

Heat Recovery is the process of collecting and reusing heat from parts of a building where it might have otherwise have been lost. It can also be used to bring in fresh filtered air, expel moisture and smells and offer passive cooling in the summer.

  • Ideally suited for new build and refurbishment properties
  • Reduces heatloss and energy for heating recovering up to 15%
  • Improves air quality and can incorporate filters to reduce pollutants entering the home
  • Controls humidity
  • Provides summer bypass and passive cooling
  • Remote access for filter detection and control of the system
  • Zehnder Passive Haus certified heat recovery units installed

For a full bespoke design, installation and planning 4 Seasons Solutions have the right packages for your project.


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