Air To Air Source

Like many of the best ideas, air source heat pump technology is simple at its heart.

During the day the sun's rays heat up the air. Heat pump technology simply extracts this free energy. Even at ambient temperatures below -10°C there is enough heat in the atmosphere for an air to air heat pump to heat your home.

The only additional energy the system requires is the power to drive the heat pump compressor. In fact, if the heat pump is connected to a clean energy source, such as solar power (ask for further details), running costs and CO2 emissions can be reduced even further.

Air to Air source heat pumps are an excellent replacement for existing electric heating systems such as storage heaters, panel heaters or when existing radiator pipe work isn’t available. There also great at adding an efficient heating source to individual rooms such as a conservatory.

How It Works

Air-source heat pumps work by extracting heat from outside and transferring it either to the hot water or heating systems of the house, or both.

Energy output
A well-designed system should release up to four times as much energy as it consumes.

Air-source heat pumps can operate at a wide range of temperatures. Not just on a hot summer's day.

The air source unit is usually located outside with flow and return pipes running from the heat pump into the house.

Building age
Heat pumps can be installed in all new build properties. They can also be 'retrofitted' in existing buildings, as long as the building is sufficiently well insulated.


Download the Panasonic ETHEREA Brochure (PDF)

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